Mossberg appeared briefly in Eye for an Eye.

Buy Another Day starts off in familiar territory, it’s the Paris of Hemingway. Nostalgia aside, the book clicks into another gear as the story covers the terrain of Iran where we’ll be reacquainted with Michael Mossberg who is going to tell the story from here onwards. It will be a homecoming of sorts. And a very dangerous mission. Throw in some love interest. Add in some classic assassinations. Who will you be rooting for? This is Israel on a clandestine mission. But soon Mossberg will be a man on the run. Say goodbye to those fond memories of Spain, food and hot women. Mossberg is on a mission to save Israel from biological warfare. The pages will fly as the story heads towards its conclusion. Love interests, think Sasha and Harry. Could there be another sequel in the making as Michael Davidson convinces us that Michael Mossberg, the Mossad operative, is a character we want to read more about?

I hope so.

Now to the book.

Most of the action of the  International Spy Brigade takes place in Spain.

We go back to Russia where the rivers run into the Arctic.

Sasha plays her bit.

The Russians aren’t the only ones who can deny.

If this is how things really work, it’s a fascinating insight into the gatekeepers of national security.

This book is a sympathetic look into Israeli’s tenuous position in the Neighborhood of Evil.

I’m liking the head of Mossad more and more. He smokes and doesn’t give a flying fuck. He might be getting long in the tooth but his appraisal of recent events in world politics is troubling. I avoid the hype of the media. I only rely upon trusted sources. Michael Davidson writes like a very well informed bureau chief. I never doubt the veracity of his words. In a past life, I’m sure he would have been a Pulitzer prize recipient. On second thoughts, I doubt it. He’s so hard-hitting that he’d be excused as an apologist.

Israel needs friends. I think they found one in the author of Buy Another Day.

In some ways, this is Davidson’s most accomplished book. It’s racey and spelt with intent.



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