The walk in the park was off today. I’d have to make up for it in the pool.

I left the Food Court, enough oggling, I was making it too obvious anyway.

But Dasey didn’t seem to mind and even came up to me as I was about to leave.

I shook her wet hand again.

I don’t mind shaking a wet hand.

She’s a hardworking Indonesian with a wet rag in her hand cleaning up after us sloths.

I walked into a shopping Mall. I said g’day to the security guard who was talking to another local.

‘Full moon, hay,’ I said.

Must be about time to call an election hay?

And fifteen days after the celebration of Chinese New Year, nudge nudge, surely the elections will be called tomorrow.

Nothing like a know it all, hay?

The popcorn smell was rank, it wafted to the second-floor boutique shops.

Expect a visit from the Health Department, I told the guard on the way out.

That popcorn smell is rank.

They only did what they could under the circumstances, laugh.

I was running hot, wasn’t I?

I hit another mall. No swimming trunks.

I hit the supermarket, joke with the Dyak at the checkout.

Three hot Indonesian Karaoke girls are buying up big time.

One has big tits and a tiny skirt.

I admire the goldfish tattoos on the cashier’s arms.

She’s cute in a chunky way but nothing on the Karaoke girl.

I’m minding my own business in the foyer when the three Karaoke girls I met at the supermarket moments ago wonder my way.

The short skirt girl leaves with her friend and comes back to meet her other friend still sitting on the bench next to me.

It’s time to go home. The cute waitress from the Food Court wafts by, she doesn’t see me, but I’m eyeing up her curves and wave to her anyways.

Then the little sprightly thing bends down to pick up her shopping.  I was admiring her big tits but my eyes moved south.

Her skirt shoots up, it’s very short anyways, and I get an eyeful of her gorgeous ass and lacey black underwear. She’s in no hurry to pick up her bag. And nor does she fuss after knowing I got an eyeful of a lifetime. Was this orchestrated for my benefit?

Of course it wasn’t but the timing was impeccable. I wasn’t going to look away. I refused. I know a gift when I see one.

My day has been made, whether I want to admit it or not. It could go south anytime now but I’d still have the image of a big titted Indonesian whore bending down to pick up her shopping bag.

But onwards, I go, I have swim ahead of me.




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