The bitching stopped when Fitri started her shift.

Covered in a hijab, her eyes were green.

Natural or lenses, I asked.

Contact lenses, she says.

But why?

Because I like green.

And before?

Black with a bit of brown.

The bitching stopped.

I got my free coffee.

But her eyes were just mesmerizing me.

She deserved a compliment, for going the long distance to look attractive for customers.

I’d make a comment, she’s worthy of employee of the month.

I’d need to log onto My Mc Donald’s first.

So far I’ve tallied up three free coffees.

Feedback comes at a price, I told the managers.

They weren’t sure if I was sent from headquarters in Houston.

My accent sounded convincing enough.

I even had a stopwatch, to time how long it took for my burger and fries to be delivered. Then I made a voice note on my phone, ‘FAF, ten out of ten.’  Then I added another F.

Fast, Attentive and Friendly. The last F was for Fresh.

Man, they must have thought I was sent from the States to monitor them.

I wasn’t going to convince them otherwise. It pays to have a bit of mystique about you  when a free coffee is concerned.



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