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There are so many coffee shops to choose from.

I have a predisposition to the ones that have hot waitresses.

I’ll come clean, having a cute sexy thing serving you coffee will make me sit in that chair all night long and keep the orders coming.

It makes perfect business sense, doesn’t it? And I’m a sucker for falling for it, right?

The Deaf Brigade hang out at 21 Coffee, on Jalam Siam.

They are fucking hilarious.


Well let me go into it.

The boyfriend of the cashier is pissing her off big time.

She goes up to his table and deletes some of the photos he’s taken of her on the sly.

This mute is sitting behind me, so close, he can see the crap I’m typing up on my Mac. He’s playing a game. He’s a harmless Casanova. The cashier is communicating with him with foul sign language.

It seems the three other waitresses, all hot, are also competent at sign language.

‘Otherwise we’d fuck off elsewhere,’ says the Chief Mute. He aint no dummy.

A few of the waitresses are a bit on the big side with smiles to die for and white skin and laughter that can catch you off guard.

‘Just the way we fucking like it,’ says the leader of the mutes. The sexy female mute isn’t in tonight. She’s elsewhere flashing her hot ass.

This place is a disability-friendly establishment, another reason why I like hanging out here.

I’m taking pictures of my superstar. I hint at a selfie. She says something, and it didn’t sound mean, which I took as a no. I guess she didn’t want problems with her boyfriend who was probably sitting among the crowd of coffee goers.

The mutes at the front rule the roost. The leader of this group is always asking me to take pictures of the pretties. He’ll stand behind them to justify me taking out my camera.

Works like a dream.

They might be deaf but not dumb, and where they lack in hearing, they make up for it with bravado and confidence.

I give him the big thumbs up. See, I’m ‘mute’ sensitive too.

I’m snapping away at those curves and flickering lights and ‘fish eye’ mode is really serving me well.

I’m a letch and they know it. Every male who comes here are also letches. We enjoy bubbly staff who take our orders. It’s just that plain and simple. And the toilet floor is non slip and relatively clean.

Twenty One Coffee would be a candidate for the best coffee shop in Pontiniak.

Fuck the famous ones. If they don’t have hot chicks making and serving drinks, they can stick their robustas up their arabica asses.

This is a public announcement, the lady making the drinks, who hides behind counters, was the true Borneo goddess. She hid it well over the course of the evening, but when she graced the front tables, the world stopped a beat, for one moment.


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