We all know why we go to Twenty One Coffee. The coffee is really great.

The deaf guy who is a regular customer really wants me to feel welcome.

He even posed in front of the cute staff just so I could get a group shot. He’s gone beyond the call of duty. Last time he helped me log onto the wifi, with no success and hinted at the idea of taking photos of the very bubbly waitresses.

We are here for the ambiance, coffee, and the dim lighting.

It’s only coffee we are talking about here.

There’s no monkey business.

It would be bad taste too.

‘I have problems keeping the pretties,’ says another cafe owner. He only employs guys.

If he’s turning over pretties every month, I’m sure the customers, mostly male, won’t complain. New faces add to the allure of the Pontianak cafe scene, don’t you know?

He’s a purist and suggests I check out the Siam Cafe.

‘The man makes coffee with his shirt off.’

I think I’ll stick to Twenty One Coffee thank you.

Another deaf guy is commenting about me taking pictures.

He’s making gestures of me flying and taking pictures.

Flying and taking pictures, does it get any better than that?

No it doesn’t.


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