I know those early morning rises aren’t good for me.

I can’t think.

Kratom, do you know about it, Mister?

Isn’t it what the Malays take to get fucked up.

It’s Borneo Red here and gets you totally shit faced, says my new friend.

It’s also supposed to give me great sexual power and keep me awake for hours.

I’m a sluggish toad in the morning but show interest.

It’s also served as a tea.

If it makes me lose weight, I might look into it.

He can get me one kilo of the stuff for 100 000, a big red.

I’m having Howard Marks thoughts.

First, it’s legal and the markup price in the States per tonne is just incredible, says my friend.

It replicates opiates in the sense that it triggers that part of the brain say Tramadol would.

Getting up at 4.30 in the morning today has been an eye-opener.

Now I know why most of the locals at the coffee shops look like they are off their tits.

I wonder if they have kratom tea on their menus?

Now where is my fucking coffee?

That’s the drink of champions.


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