It’s a few days off from the coffee shops.

It’s hard work consuming loads of coffee and other fizzy drinks then dumping it in dirty filthy slippery toilets.

If I have this coffee, I say, five minutes later I’ll be out the back looking for a toilet. A slippery toilet is treacherous. I ain’t no spring chicken anymore and a fall on a slippery floor could be debilitating.

I’ve got the floor of the Bali airport to thank for this caution. Two falls, in succession. It was enough to fuck up my neck but not enough to stop me from going to a whore house.

I should have sued the airport, I’d be a rich man. It’s not like they don’t have any money.

It was a big dirty puddle forming on the floor from a downpour. No orange hats warning of a slippery floor or signage, nothing but a big dirty puddle that kicked my legs from under me and decked me, head banging on the floor. Not once, but twice. And the Mad Hindu just fucked off to pick up his guest.

His care factor was zero. I guess he thought I deserved it. I had a bottle of Bintang in my hand and during the two falls, neither did the bottle break or a drop of that fine beer was wasted. Maybe some of its content spilled on the floor and maybe there was no whoring that night.

Shit happens hay. I’m still walking, so I better stop the bitching now.

It just crept up on me, that neck injury. And now that it’s entered my life, it’s here to stay.

Ariff my massage guy says it’s cholesterol. A fat neck is what he was saying. He was being polite about it.

One of the Chinese who hangs out at Anton’s coffee shop says I can get immediate relief at the hospital that’s just opposite the cafe.

‘Laster treatment.’

He says it only costs 200 000 and that I’ll feel much better. Wonder if they cut off ten kgs from my gut, I’d pay a million Rupiah for that.

I’ve got one more dentist session. Hopefully, she doesn’t spot any more cavities.

I’ve got to make a move.  Pontianak doesn’t’ even try but it’s drawing me in big time.

Borneo has no ax to grind, unless you are a Madurese farmer fond of pulling out a kris to resolve an altercation.



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