Race to Tibet by Sophie Shiller would have to be one of the most remarkable books I’ve undertaken lately.

I decided to give thrillers a miss and get back to good old fashion travel writing.

The poetry of this book is what stands out first.

A sand dune isn’t just a sand dune.

It’s almost like the author has researched the geographical locations and applied her own filters, bringing alive the 2 D images into a 3D veritable feast.

Victorian English isn’t easy to follow at the best of times, but imagine what the author was up against trying to translate French into English, and bring alive a  dialogue that died long before Mark Twain was born.

The inspiration seems to come from movies. You can see that by the way it’s written.

The author takes us places. It’s a visual world full of exotic locations.

I’d bet the author put in the long yards to research the ethnic groups she came across writing the novel.

I’m not even halfway through the novel and I’m forcefully saying this book deserves to be read and enjoyed.

In some ways, this book feels like the Phoenix that rose after the Deluge.

Grab it and devour it.

It’s an exceptional book that’s been researched to the max. But the outcome is a smooth ride into another time when men were men, and goats and sheep were nervous.

If you want to know more, here is in interview with the author.


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