Borneo is good for me.

They have ojek (motorbike boys) who run off apps and wear jackets with Google Play on the back of it and a WIFI label on their helmets.

The future has arrived. Having fast internet helps facilitate that.

Borneo is growing on me.

I’ve never felt threatened here.

‘Are you the owner of Far Side,’ asked Dharma.

I put my hands together, indicating them being handcuffed.

‘You aren’t going to call the police, are you?”

‘Why would I,’ he said, ‘your stories are totally off the wall and true.’

He agreed, the traffic totally disregarded the human element of pedestrians who crossed the road.

‘It was much worse in Medan,’ I said. I was glad he wasn’t going to call the police.

Apparently, I have a contact from Java.

He’ll back me if the shit goes down.

The shit isn’t going to go down.

It was another session at the dentist.

Visiting Dr. Augusta gives meaning in my life.

She’s slotted me in for today.

She has two more teeth to path up.

I don’t even bother asking her which teeth need patching. I just get the price of each tooth so I can prepare payment.

She’s very good. I look into her eys. A soft blue is glowing off a pen she uses to zap the filling, ensuring it goes rock hard.

It’s almost like a disco light. How can I capture this with a camera? I’m looking up at the light bulb, it’s my point of reference. And thinking, wouldn’t this be a great dental shot. My dentist rests an elbow  on my chest to get a steadier access to my potty mouth.

She doesn’t wear surgical gloves. She prefers to feel what’s going on in my mouth. I wanted to ask her if an irate customer has bitten her finger while it explored their mouth. I’d never do something like that, my tooth would probably break.

The evil thoughts on the dental chair are always puffed away with pragmatism.

She’s doing me a favor. She could be exploring cleaner mouths. So I’m remaining humble.

I even tried to look up the sleeve of her  dental jacket while she was probing.

Flesh, my dentist is made of it.

She’s a finely tuned dental machine that brings relief from pain.

I think I’m falling for her.


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