Oh god, not the dentist again.

In saying that, without the dentist, I’d have little purpose in my life.

I really didn’t want to walk down Jalan Siam and chuck a left and walk another one hundred yards before entering the dentist.

But I did.

It’s good for you.

Think of the advantages, no self-medicating. Being able to eat, wow, I was convinced and needed to take action.

‘Don’t give that man money,’ said my dentist.

I gave it to Ibu, who had a stroke. I could see he was tricky from the outset. I even have his card, He’s apparently a practitioner of reflexology.

Bile in the kidneys, he could cure it with a foot massage.

The guy actually waited one hour for me then entered the dentist’s premises, like we were best of mates, he said let’s look at his villa.

‘And give me your fucking money.’ His tone changed from the down and out uncle to a loan shark, within a period of one hour.

I shook him off, I told the boy who doubles up as a nurse and a receptionist.

‘You did well,’ he said. They were all rooting for me at the dental clinic.

One more session. I was full of contrition. I couldn’t get angry at my dentist for overcharging me because I’m the only white guy in a sea of brown.

The pain had gone, I was eating without the pain associated with dodgy teeth and I could also manage a pained smile.

I couldn’t eat for another two hours so I hit Mc Cafe.

I was swamped by the beautiful female staff.

They wanted selfies with yours truly. They wanted videos with  moi. They even scripted what I should say. I said no wucking worries, and I’ll even add you to my fuckbook and post the pictures and videos. Fuck this anonymity game, I was enjoying this exposure big time. 




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