The trip to the dentist was as usual very eventful.

A got in ratty and tatty clothes came up to me while I was having a smoke outside the clinic and invited me to stay in his villa. He had a nice watch and a big ring. He was going to show me around town.

An hour later, the dentist did her bit to my foul mouth.

It’s been patched up, the cavities are at bay, and Ibraham arrived just after my session and translated for me.

Apparently, one tooth needs more work. That was news to me. And it would take two more sessions. So while he was translating, I asked him what would the ballpark figure be.

From being the idiot who spoke no Indonesian, I was now empowered. It must have shocked the dentist when I even tried to bargain down her prices.

I paid up, with half a new tooth covering what was a large gaping hole. That tooth just cracked two months ago. The Malaysian dentist in Taiping had patched it up, and it was a thorn in my side ever since. It just broke after too many flosses. This lady is a perfectionist. She might be gruff but boy her handiwork is immaculate.

The old bag man outside was now inside. He wanted to go with me somewhere. Talk about aggressive social behavior. Then he started muttering cash as I walked back to my old beat. He wasn’t going to leave my side. I told him I had another appointment and didn’t want to see his villa. He didn’t care, he wanted my hard earned cash. He had laid the groundwork.

I was just about to destroy by backtracking after a quick U-turn. Man, I can walk briskly when I have to.

I left him for dead and found a cafe. Auntie, who had a stroke, walked past the coffee shop. I called her over and gave a donation. I was with three locals who were taking selfies with me. I’ve given up saying no. I’m getting into the spirit of it.

I’m at another cafe. And three hot girls came up to me wanting selfies.

My tooth is feeling fine and my smile is a million dollars, according to these female locals who want a picture taken with me. I’m also taking pictures of them. So much for being anonymous. I’m just going to go with the flow and let these lovely locals take pictures of me. They can post them on Fuck book, Instagram or even twitter.

One of the staff at the hotel was taking a video of me on the sly.

I’m going to buy a notepad and a pen, and start giving out my signatures.

Borneo, it’s a place that normal social norms seem to have forgotten. If you can’t beat ’em, then join ’em. That’s my new motto. I’m jettisoning the old grumpy bastard persona and keeping things jolly.



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