Dear fucking diary, the coffee is kicking in and today I meet my last session with the dentist.

She’s a butcher.

She doesn’t tolerate crybabies like myself.

She’s a tolerant little bitch.

She wants my money and she’ll take it.

I’m behind the eight ball. What can I fucking do?

My pain threshold is low.

And she’s exploiting that.

I had no idea I needed two root canals.

There was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

This little whore of the tooth fairy wasn’t going to lower her price.

She wouldn’t budge a fucking inch. My Chinese friend who runs the computer shop said to flash his card and I’d get a discount. But I’m not even getting one fucking percent discount.

She’s ruthless and thorough. She hates looking down the barrel of the mouth.

She’ll get in and get out, if there’s pain in between, then you fucking deserve it.

The coffee is slowly kicking in.

I’m sure everyone thinks I’m a retard.

How could I be a threat to national security acting the way I do?

Neat hay?


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