Every country has an icon.

The unofficial one in Indonesia is tits.

‘Saya suka susu basar.’

Not trying to be a cunning linguist, it means,  I like big tits. And that about sums up my Bahasa Indonesia folks.

Confirming my suspicion of my theory are the superstars.

They can’t flash their flesh fast enough. On TV they are jiggling them. They are preening and caressing their hair. Yes, they are getting our attention.

I’m really not making this up.

I don’t fall into the category of the sophisticate. If I did, I’d miss so much, wouldn’t I?

People often ask where is my mind, I say it’s in the potty tray.

I offend. Nine times out of ten, I get a laugh.

I just can’t pick up the local lingo. But when the boys start their potty talk, I’m right up there, with the best of them.

This has confounded linguists around the globe.

It’s called learning through osmosis.

I think I better find a nice set of tits and practice my Indonesian.





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