I blame it on that red pill.

It’s only a pain killer.

But it’s mind altering.

It kills the pain but it ensures you have a lot of fun with it.

Fun in one pill.

It’s only a standard pain killer.

But it’s not standard long life gets you thinking.

I’m going to flush them.

Too much coffee is bad enough. But taking that pink pill is just too much.

I’m going to flush it.

My tolerance for it is really fading.

I’m going to call off this relationship.

It’s all a bit one sided.

The pain in both root canals has gone.

I was only taking precautions.

Caution is gunna get me in trouble.

I’m trying to shake off the groggy feeling.

Should be only two coffees away.

I’m a bit unsteady on my feet.

The massage guy called me 13 times yesterday.

I’m a bit unsteady on my feet since he massaged me.

He’s a giant and threw me around like a ragged doll.

It’s a slight exaggeration.

But I”m seriously considering in a walking stick.

The son of the deceased even offered me  a stick. It was someone else’s, not mine I said. He also had a bad knee and bad neck. A walking stick. Steady steady. I use one for walking back in Oz. I use to to propel me forward like I’m pole vaulting. The stick is about two meters high. It’s more a staff than a walking stick. It’s actually the pole used to clean the swimming pool. It’s ideal for propelling yourself forward. I might patent this walk. It really does work.  Not only are you working out your legs, you are also working your arms too.

That groggy feeling. That pink pill has a lot to blame for.

Drinking a dozen or so coffees before going to bed didn’t help either. It never does. It’s alway the price of being sociable, I tell myself.

If I keep on filing words, soon I might have a twenty thousand word book. That’s my aim. So I’m just filing any old thing. Surely it must be connected.

‘You’ve been taking pain killers for the last two weeks.’

Shut the fuck up Bernhard.

But I have, on an off. Soon all that will be behind me. Since the two root canal treatments, I’m feeling much better and don’t even get ear or teeth aches.

Seeing the dentist here in Borneo was a very good call. I’ve been known to make a few, and this was one of those times.

I see her again tomorrow. God knows what horrors my dentist has  set aside for me. God only fucking knows.

It’s always the first coffee that brings on the sneezing. I’ve written this without coffee. Even that surprises me. I’m over the waking up and thinking, where the fuck am I. I’m grounded like that. I know where I actually am. And I’m confident the coffee is going to kick in soon.



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