I needed to go alone.

‘What, you’re going to drop your dropkick.’

The idea was looking better and better.

‘You have a restaurant and bar to operate,’ I said, so let’s meet up at Hooters.

Bernhard was all for it.

My plan was to head north and enter mainland China.

‘They won’t let you in.’


‘You were raced out of the country for teaching on a false degree.’

True, but a decade later, I was hoping they had whitewashed the blacklisted database.

‘Just flash a whole bunch of greenbacks.’

Money talked if you had enough of it, and there was a hotel called Happy Macau on the China side. I wanted to see what Macau looked and felt like from the other side.

Twenty minutes later I was stamped into China.

‘Liberties again?’

Shut the fuck up Bernie.

‘Well it’s the same visa for Hong Kong as well, it’s a visa issued by China.’

I wasn’t complaining as I walked out of the autonomous zone of Macau into the non-autonomous zone of China. Nothing like a  little software to get over that Great Wall of China Firewall, and that in short was the difference between the two zones. In one zone, you could watch porn, in another, you could watch porn but using software to hide your location.

I wanted to see how different the two zones were.

For one, the prices were cheaper.

Chinese hotels are a breed upon themselves. They are usually tidy, well furnished and the buffet breakfast is usually comprehensive, even offering toast and jams.

The hotels have their cable stations. They are the Chinese run stations and they aren’t shy of promoting China, but it’s still good viewing. That’s the difference. The Chinese like to be informed, that’s the only explanation I can give.

‘So you think you are an expert on China after spending half an hour in a hotel.’

Bernhard had a point.

And I needed to prove he was wrong.

‘Now you are going to tell me about the public urinals and how dirty and disgusting they are.’

No need, you just did.

I was hoping he would return to Hooters in Bunyuwangi and keep Javina his partner company.  I wasn’t limited to China and could be back in Java soon.

‘Surely they have big tits in China,’ said Bernhard.

Well I could be back much later, then.

These ESP conversations had to end, and now.




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