Where are you going with this?

Bernhard, even I’m not sure. But while we are here, lets explore Banyuwangi. There’s got to be more mysticism to the place than meets the eye.

I had heard of a cave out of town.

‘Full of big titted whores.’

No Bernie. But you are right on one account, this goddess has big hooters and she’s the pagan spirit of this area.

There’s things to do and places to go. She is the goddess of the Western Oceans. The Indonesians believe she has special powers. Politicians are always courting her before they run for election or decide to invade nearby territories. I guess she gave Sukarno a  bad tip off when he decided to invade Malaysia.

‘So she’s an oracle.’

Yep, a big titted oracle who needs to be consulted before anything big is undertaken.

‘So what about the current president, did he consult her before he reintroduced the death penalty for drug users.’

I smiled. I’m no expert on this subject. But I think he didn’t even get to meet her.

He’s loathed and has no respect. Some say he’s not all there, perfect for the military to wield.

If we go visit her, we must offer her young male virgins.

‘Oh, is she like  that is she,’ asked Bernie. So I’m told from what little I’ve read up on her.

Don’t matter how you do it, just do it right.

Wasn’t that Jerry Jeff Walker, I asked Bernie.

‘Get your fucking quotes right, first rule  of a writer. He said, Don’t matter how you do it, just do it like you know it.’

I was fucking close, not bad, really, things were really looking up.

Come on, I’ve booked a flight to Macau, it’s leaving in half an hour. Connecting flights from Jakarta, so we should land about 5 this evening.

The freedom to travel, when and where you want, nothing beats it.

I”ll be seeing you later Javina.

‘And you aren’t even a virgin,’ said Bernie, as we took advantage of the inflight adult beverages.

And that witch at the village of sweet smelling water we were pissing up with  last night?

‘She’s an oracle as well, I’m told she is a survivor of the killings in the 60s. She dug herself  out of her shallow grave. She’s now immortal and  works in tandem with Javina, and Adul and Fitri who are  next in line to be oracles once they are trained up.

Now how that’s for a rap.

Bumb bump, just perceptible and the captain announced  we had  landed in Macau with the current temperature at 21 degrees, ‘and expected to drop to a chilly 12 degrees this evening.’


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