Reading Alex Shaw’s novels are always a challenge.

But once you get lost in his world you are challenging the author to come up with another unforseen twist.

The Aidan Snow Trilogy is an epic, jet setting to locations most of us have never heard of.

The author doesn’t just know these locations, he dishes them up like he’s actually lived  in them.

He’s not short on research. He brings alive locations with thug life.

I know it doesn’t sound nice but Aidan Snow moves in dangerous waters and at any moment he could get his head blown to pieces. It’s real, nothing is contrived.

He’s hanging out in Insurgent territory, inhabited by the hardest of core believers of their causes.

There’s one other writer covering the Aidan Snow beat and that is Michael R Davidson (Successor).

As I’ve said before, I’ve been conditioned on these Slavic names and motivations.

I came across a Needham and a Vanya in Cold East , both villains. Mr. Shaw doesn’t mind having some fun in injecting names that are both familiar and have real meaning for him. Jake Needham writes thrillers set in Asia and as a character in Cold East, he’s one of the few CIA operatives who are spared. But there is no use of his first name. Maybe the fictional Needham has nothing to do with the real Needham, but I love a good little speculation.

I was reading one chapter set in Afghanistan. Hang on, I said, I read this in Cold  Black or was it Cold Blood, and surely the author has made  a mistake. Was I wrong.

The ending of the last in the trilogy was a real stinker. It stunk with originality and unexpected.

I’m always left thinking, how can an author imagine such scenarios. Either he has a great imagination, or he knows more about the Eastern European grab for power than he’s letting on.

I’m not going to rant and rave any further. I’ll wait for  the follow up in the series.

Will SAS Fox make another appearance? The little book fairy has told me, ‘YES.”





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