I like Aidan Snow.

He’s the kind of guy you can go down to the pub with and get pissed and ogle at boobs.

Cold Blood is set in Kiev. There’s lot of Russian Esque names. Just take the leap of faith. One name might sound like another. I’ve read my fair share of Michael Davidson books (SHADOW OF MORDOR) also set in the same area as  as Cold Blood, so I’ve been conditioned.

I’m not reading it for the names, I’m reading it for the story. The book reeks of SAS. You get the feeling that the author served in his Majestie’s Services (and I’m not talking prisons).

When the adrenaline is running through the pages, so is mine. I blame author Alex Shaw for that, yep, he’s that good.

He takes you there, on the spot. It’s live feeds into thuggery. It aint pretty.

I felt after finishing the book I came out knowing more about the Ukraine: Kiev Chicken, Chernobyl ( 40 clicks north) and the Ukraine’s hatred for the Russians. And Chicken wire is used to prevent stray icicles. Well I’d have never thought. And it was strong enough to break Aidan’s fall as he jumped off his second floor balcony.

The book takes us on a tour of the region. The author knows it intimately and isn’t afraid to share it in a thriller that unfolds nicely throughout the course of the book. I was fucked in the end. I didn’t see it coming. Superb ending to a really interesting book.

I’d have  never thought that a former SAS would now teach Physical Education at an International school in Kiev. It’s a small world and everyone knows everyone. Pro tip, if any copper stops you on the street, just say ‘British Embassy.’

This writer has depth and a wonderful sense of humour. Cold Blood isn’t all grim. I’ll be reading more of this guy. If you are a fan of Andy Mc Nab, then this book could be the adrenaline pumping follow up.

Do read on, here, if you want to take a walk on the wild side inhabited by gangsters and corrupt officials and big titted Eastern Europeans.


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