The stench of The Dead Lawyer is making Krystal sick.

No, it’s the stench of how Washington works.

There’s more of the good stuff in this book.

It’s a literary trip into the cesspool of moral corruption and decay.

The core is rotting from the inside and Russian money is aiding and abetting a corrupt democracy.

Confidence in the government could be destroyed.

Who is paying off who?

Readers of The Washington Post might be familiar. But actually what’s published between the lines of headlines is what interests this Cold War Warrior, who makes you think about how power is really wielded in Washington.

He has a pretty good idea of what makes the place tick.

I”m guessing he has access to inside information.

I believe every word of it. I always approach Davidson’s book as a gullible reader.

But if it’s not real, I’ll recoil.

If it’s too real, then it must be.

Krystal has a drinking problem.

She’ll admit it. But she doesn’t like others admitting it.

This could be the most dangerous case she’s covering yet.

Will she down a few long balls and kick up her legs?

Or will she go rogue?

You don’t ask these kinds of questions.

All of it unfolds naturally. If it’s a literary thriller you want, then this crime novel has it all.

There’s a moral in this book. While Krystal might retire to sunnier climes, I might stop reviewing on Amazon.

‘You have no choice, they have blocked you.’

Good point.


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