‘Greg’s a horror film fanatic,’ says Ronnie Shaw, who only uses Palko Designs for his cover work.’  He loves the genre. He watches as many horror films as anyone I know. He also collects horror film props like creature heads, masks, etc.’

The testimony doesn’t stop there.

‘He’s a young man, under forty, I think,’ says the author of Seven Fish Tree. ‘He’s into the heaviest metal music, actually death metal stuff. He has videos of him singing in a heavy metal band. He’s a very good performer. Think of the most out there death metal bands like BLOODSPOT, Aetherian, or Eagles of Death Metal.’

He says he knows  Greg will love my ‘ write-up.’

I fucking hope so.

‘He’s really into creativity. Do him up right,’ says the ex Atlanta copper and writing fiend of about a million books. Maybe  a slight exaggeration.

I’ll try my best, I say to the author of Red, who Greg conceived  the cover for, but how about showcasing some of his brilliant art first?

‘Sounds good to me,’ says Baby Whale.

Well for starters, how about moseying over  to his website where you can see his portfolio. Be warned, his work will play on your  mind , in ways never imagined.

His work is just fucking disturbing. But then again, looking at myself in the mirror isn’t much better, so there you go.

He’s contactable  on Twitter @palkodesigns where he often showcases his bizarre and enigmatic art work.


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