You never mind your own business in  Bangkok.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, is on the make, from the tuk tuk driver who wants to take you to Happy Ending, around the corner, to the overweight tourist wanting to work off a few kilojoules in the city’s cathouses.

Inspector Tay has done the rounds. He makes the occasional appearance in Bangkok and Pattaya, but the closest his life gets to risque, would be smoking a packet of Marlboros in one session. He’d only do that for ideas, trying to decipher them from the endless variations of swirling smoke. Now that takes skill.

I’ve not been to Bangkok for a long time, and for a very good reason.

A Thai tout crab walked towards  me – here we go again, he wants to sell me high grade speed in a pink pill or… You’d think he was my long lost friend the way he put his arm  around me and showed me the menu that was doing the rounds on the streets of Bangkok.

Which got me thinking about the days when I’d take a taxi or a tuk tuk. Reading Jake Needham books are great for dredging up lost memories.

The hard part about traveling in Bangkok, was telling  either the tuk tuk or taxi  driver you actually had a place to go to other than a cathouse.

Now where to go?

A bar?

Or the Royal  Palace?

I use to visit Sanam Luang for the heated speeches on the stages. When I got bored, I’d find another color coded ax to grind and take advantage of the free food they distributed. If they wanted to come across as compassionate Buddhists, who was I to judge.

Free food is free food.

Jack isn’t a stranger to street demonstrations.

Ouch, the end of a rifle needled into his ribs.

Even I could feel that.

In some ways, I’m more of a fan of the insurgent territories of the Tha South.

When they say the are going to kill someone, they just do it.

Threats threats threats.

One day they are going to get Jack and string him up at a prominent bridge.

Not if I can help it. 

Don’t Get Caught?

That’s the plan. 

This can’t be healthy having fictitious conversations with Jack Shepherd. I blame Inspector Tay who humoured me on my last tour of Singapore.


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