I was walking the pot holed pavements of Bangkok about the same time Jack Shepherd was lecturing at Chulalongkorn University.

If ever there was a rat that escaped the sewers, it was me.

I was never far from scuttling underground, amongst the pimps and whores, who offered a digger down and out on his luck a rare glimpse into the humanitarian arm of the ‘Krungthep Underworld’.

But the Bangkok of the 90s has long gone. There’s the usual squalor and glam lifestyles, but who the fuck ever receives faxes anymore?

This was the Bangkok of the 90s. It was a freewheeling oasis of gluttony where the good times, even for the sewer rats, seemed to never end. The possibilities were endless. From being in a slum one day, and teaching the Ambassador of France on the 25th floor of the Simon Center  on another, gives you an idea of the kind of breaks Bangkok offered in those heady days.

“You only get one Alan Bond in your lifetime, and I’ve had mine.’

The 90s said they were only copying the 80s.

According to Jack Shepherd, the  Merchant Group ‘had technically been a Luxembourg corporation with its operating headquarters in Bangkok , but in reality it was as Australian as a red kangaroo.’

On  acquisitions, Allen Bond would ask his lawyer, ‘How do we get round the laws as they are today?’

Troubleshooter, yep, sounds like Jack  Shepherd to me.

And The  Pink Inc, sounds like another failed start up film studio. Porn for the masses, this was vintage Needham. And selling the original porn  stock off to Iranian students, it only gets better.

But I’m a big fan on the HBO format,  right down to the transitions between films which lulls and adds another layer of security.

And next Jack is going to tell me that the author of The Laundry Man helped Bondy win the American Cup?

Just as I suspected. Jack has the credentials and that’s what counts in the Bangkok Bullshit Game that littered the landscape like rich horse manure in the late 90s.


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