Walk for Justice started from Perth on the  8th of September, 2016. Clinton has walked over 2400 km so far and  is on  his way to Canberra to meet the Prime Minister. They are 80 kilometres away  from Port Augusta in South Australia.  I tracked them down on a remote highway and chatted to Gary the driver around the campfire. Noonie is the only white (wadjula)  guy on the team and he’s been riding every kilometer and documenting it.

How did it all start? 

It all started on Harrison Island.  It was in 2015. I started going down there to help them. I met Clinton there. He was in a homeless camp, helping them camp on the island, supplying them with blankets and food, but the police kept stealing everything.

The idea for our walk across Australia started there.

Clinton had it organized, to leave on 1st of September. I knew he was doing it but had nothing to do with it.But his family rang up a day before the walk was to begin and canceled it. One of his friends called me up and told me what had happened. I thought about it for five minutes and decided to go. I hadn’t yet met Noonie. But I had seen him on the island quite a  few times. So we didn’t meet until the day we left. Noonie only intended to ride for two days and turn back, but he’s still with us.

The idea for the walk? 

It was to protest the closure of remote communities in Australia. Also mistreatment of the homeless. They kicked them off the island and the homeless were forced to live in alleyways. The government has plans to develop the island.

What’s your role? 

My role.  I’m the driver, I stick to five kilometers an hour.

For me, I got to see family all the way from Perth to Alice Springs. That’s another reason why I wanted to do it. To meet the family that I”ve never met before. Half their names are on the car.

Trials along the way? 

The catalytic converter was broken, wouldn’t allow me to travel faster than 17 kilometers an hour. It was clogged up by desert sand.

How is the support?

It’s been excellent, from all communities.

How has your focused change?

Originally is was just an aboriginal thing, but we had a good think about it and changed it to all Australians.

It’s like referendums, who is the majority, it’s white people and our votes will always be outweighed.

How do you fund the  trip?

From direct donations and crowd funding.

Was there any chance of  the trip not working out?



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