I woke up from the loud banging next door and look around.  The brick walls of the cold store room are staring at me. The winter wind chills me to the bone. The window doesn’t close and rain  is continually flooding my floor.

Tap tap.

It’s that fucking junkie who just moved in next door.

-You are going to die.

Not if I can help it.

He only comes out to buy food. The stink coming from his room is sickening. He needs to empty his shit bucket. 

Only yesterday another junkie staying in the house threatened to kill me if I didn’t give him some cigarettes. The police took him away tonight. He broke into a chemist to get his valium fix.

I really must get out of this place.

– I’ve been telling you that for ages, said Bernhard who just appears out of nowhere. But you wanted your own room so could wank in private. You have no one but yourself to blame.

I was raced out of the last house.

– And raced out of the one before that, said Bernhard. Don’t you think it’s time to stick up for yourself?


– You really must meet Brian, said Bernhard. He’s the taser gunman.

I said I’m sure I’ll run into him once I officially run into you.

– Chapter ten is when we officially meet, he says,  So more on me later.

I wake up each day and just make it to work. Pneumonia has taken the wind out of my sail.  

My supervisor says I stink. Maybe I do. But he doesn’t know half of what I’m going through. I can still hear the banging on the wall, it can go on for hours. I’m going back to sleep.

– So what happens next?’ asks Bernhard.

A  road trip might help. 


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