The book is set in the mountains of Georgia and Tennesee. The Cherokee Uya looks like the Balinese Barong, it’s a frightening spectacle. It’s a Night Feeder or a Cherokee evil spirit.

It has all the ingredients of a thriller from what kind of people get lost in the wooded areas, to the types of terrain, the kind of units mobilized, and how to investigate the evidence. He took a bit of poetic license with DNA testing, but I was easily fooled.

The story ponders on the primitive. In Ronnie’s world, mountains are ominous full of many creatures that could only have been created with mountains in mind. The book explores how a human can be changed to a degree that it’s animalistic.  Hollywood likes to see the beast reformed back into a human. Not in this  novelette, the Uya is a total beast to the end.


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