Ronnie Shaw, who use to be an Atlanta police officer, said he use to frequently arrest a drunk in downtown Atlanta ‘and he told me his true story, no embellishing, no verbosity – plain, simple,dialogue-driven, funny, sad, wacky, crazy fun..’
A meeting with a wino in the Snellville Walmart parking lot will change this year’s Thanks Giving forever.
‘Thanks Giving will become sad by meal time,’ says Ronnie, in his latest quirky short story, on the back of The Rebooted, a sci-fi story with a dark twist.
Ron says ‘over dinner the wino will l tell his story at their dinner table. Not a dry eye in the bunch. it’s based on a true cop story of mine, never told.’
‘Let’s eat gang,’ announces Quincy who picked up the wino, only to discover they went to school together.
Will this year’s Thanks Giving come close to the last one?
I think not.
Every family has their Aunt Edna. She’s the one living alone, who gives willingly, mostly to children, who join her in the war against the sane world of boring adults.
Will the wino get hooked up with crazy Aunt Edna? And if so, will the wino give up the bottle? Why was he on the bottle in the first place?
These are the big questions that are always answered in Ronnie Shaw novels. He draws on his stories from real life. And this Thanks Giving is going to leave you with a warm feeling and a fuzzy glow.
There is goodness in this world and Ronnie Shaw is the master of celebrating it. Thanks Giving is no exception.

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