A severed head, an arms dealer, Blossom Trading, a Thai general with a hint of hell to his name, well the last part of his name (narok), a very tasty Thai who is head of intelligence, a Thai called Jello, a sleaze bucket FBI agent who is always turning up with Starbucks coffee.

A World of Trouble has all the ingredients of a great big mess. But Jack Shepherd
knows just how to solve it. Phuket, he fucking hates Phuket. But he knows the place well. Even from above, in a helicopter, Jack needs to solve the problem quickly before things escalate out of control.His loyalty to his client and a lady in a top position of the government is the motive for him getting into deeper shit. And who is arming the Southern Thailand insurgent movement? And which payroll is Jack’s client really on?

See, I told you it was a convoluted book.

A World of Trouble is just as polemical as when it was released. Yellow Shirt movements, Chinese domination of South East Asia, Black ops and how to overthrow a country CIA style – could be a blueprint here.

I think Jake Needham is onto something.

‘Fuck it. Just one more bag lost in a lifetime of traveling.” I know the feeling.


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