Resurrection Room is fuelled by enough chemicals that it could propel a Saturn rocket to Mars and beyond. 

Johnn Gartland  says it’s a book  that ‘I’ve been carrying around and working on in three countries over five years and more off  than  on.  You’ll probably understand that, as you get into it.’

The author is on cabalistic search in the Orient, looking for esoteric signs — Tuk Tuks, ya ba, shrines, cockroaches, lizards,  shamans, incense, bloated Buddha. Read at your own risk of seeing Bangkok, a cloistered, monastic city raging with hormones.

John says he’s just happy to get the book out there. ‘After I’m gone. it’s going to be a kind of Resurrection Room for me as someone reads it,  they’ll be in touch with something which has a lot of me in it. A lot. Like the poetry, dense stuff, protein rich.’

He says ‘the total amount of man hours Resurrection  Room  represents is enormous.’

This book is ‘noir  on steroids’  so buckle up in your space ships and get ready to traverse across time and space and infinity and beyond. Resurrection  Room  is reminiscent of semiologist Umberto Ecco’s book The Name of the Rose, but its given a grungy edge by being located in the city of demons. 


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