The Laundry Man, think dirty money. It’s obvious isn’t it. And off shore accounts with shadowy funds. I once had the pleasure to write a column for the Thailand Tattler. My story was not well received. It had to be rewritten and of course delivered under another byline. The editor said my tone just wasn’t fawning enough.

Within in the pages of Thailand Tattler are stories of  hip venues,  social happenings and profiles of the rich and famous. Obsequious and flattering writing, that sums up the rag.

Then read the Laundry Man, yes Jake Needham  writes about the Polo Club, Q Bar and glamorous houses and ritzy hotels on the banks of the  Chao Phraya River. He could also be writing a script for the people who appear in the pages of  Thailand Tattler. Think ill-gotten money from  dodgy deals, underground casinos,  and brothels. Of course he’s not writing about these people. We all know Thailand is squeaky clean and it’s run by conscientious military who despise any form of corruption.

Dip into the Laundry Man, the first of the Jack Shepherd novels, and see how Thailand really functions.  But all is not glib. Bar Phillips gets an active appearance. You might have remembered him from The Big Mango, now that was a pleasant surprise. How did he come by all that newfound money?

While you are at it, pick up The King of Macau, and see the fallout from this novel and where Shepherd ends up next. No doubt on another quest to solve a dirty trail of laundered money.



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