Valium Daze


It’s a fictional account of being fucked up on the streets of Bangkok. It’s a follow up from the author’s successful Loose:Travels around USA  and Central America. 

It’s a raw account of living down and dirty on the streets of Bangkok. It’s his account of survival, betrayal and eventually redemption. Will the author kick his house wife habit – 10 miligrams of Valium? Its his right of passage and voyage into Asia’s Heart of Darkness as the author bums and beats his way around Bangkok, Cambodia, China and eventually Indonesia which he documents in Garuda’s Travels: Sins and Redemptions.

It has it all the ingredients of Sodom and Gomorra – girly bars, mercenaries, hacks, con men, drugs, sex and the many seedy expat characters that are drawn to Bangkok for its looseness. “I was on a bender back then. Codeine, valium, and other stronger downers. A haircut turned into a fuck on mattress out the back. She was Vietnamese and this was another form of prostitution.”

Caution, shit happens.

Redemption can’t be too far away, right?


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