The King of Macau is a quirky book in many ways. It’s the fourth in the Jack Shepherd series, but I have a funny feeling that Jake Needham wanted to have a bit of fun exploring new evils in the region.

There’s lots of rumination on the twin cities of Macau and Hong Kong — I call them that because you can connect  between the two islands by  helicopter — it only takes 15 minutes.

I’m getting a really good feeling on Macau. I’ve been to most of the casinos, I’ve toured the island, the ports, the whore houses and even the VIP suites of the best hotels that money can by. I’ve also been entertained as well. Jack is being ingenious as ever and he’s having a great time about it.

The dialogue between Jack  and the other characters seem more hard boiled.  Shepherd is  trouble shooting on the fly — I’m making this shit up – and cracking heads to get results. Jack has had enough. He wants a clean finish this time. He doesn’t want any loose ends. He has  a reputation to uphold. He’s going to bring home the goods and dispel that image of  notoriety  forever.  This time Jack is a  badass who does the right thing in serving justice. His only infamy is don’t mess with him. You might just come undone.


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