The sun is belting down. Even the government is cautioning against heat stroke. I’m working up my fucks. I’m fucking left right and center. I’m not happy. I’m feeling dizzy and I’m lost. Just as I suspected, I’m pissing yellow. See, heatstroke already.

The road isn’t taking me to my hotel.I’m lost and I’m going to get heat stroke and pass out. Wait, back on familiar turf and I remember that building. It’s my hotel. I sit outside and  have a cigarette, thinking how lucky I was to escape heat stroke.

The young Malay receptionist is leaving.”That Indian woman doesn’t understand Malaysian politics,” I tell him. I think only the Indian woman was listening to me. He hasn’t got a clue what I’m talking about. It was the conversation we had when I paid rent, I prodded him.

 I’m suffering from heat stroke and go into my local to buy some soft drink.

The minimart has little toys that make cute noises when you squeeze them. Before buying stuff, I spend a few minutes squeezing them. A tit substitute you ask. They also have soft squeezy balls too that feel sooo soft and sensual.  I’ve never seen a minimart like it in my life, and it’s next door to my hotel.

The cashier knows knows she’s in the presence of a freak. And I know she’s getting off on me trying out her squeaky toys. This exchange is subliminal, of course.

I don’t buy a toy but I do buy a new glow in the dark lighter. My day just got better.





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