It’s really busy today, said the Broker. Horse races in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The food hall is  frantic  today with  bookies running around taking bets.

“Singapore is good for some things,” he says, as he checks out the results of the last race on his phone. A Singaporean, in his eighties, also checks the results on his phone, using the same app. Technology is no barrier for age when gambling is involved.

I order my curry and rice. The Chinese make better curry than the Indians. The Chinese Malay bookies laugh. Tonight the Chinese  festival marking the Year of The Monkey  will run down Maldrum Street. It’s indeed a lucky day for the Chinese with lots of monkey business.

An old hag is  chain smoking at the table and her face is kept on by liberal amounts of make up. She’s  reaping the rewards of the gamblers and holding court at the table of Chinese Malay.

Free booze and cigarettes, I  hear her say, You beauty.


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