A Christmas for Healing is a short story by Steve Cartwright.

A good cop kills a bad cop, who was robbing a liquor store. Emmett Nagel is shot in the knee caps, and then he knows the shot wasn’t meant to take him down. But he shot to kill. And when he takes off the hood of the dead robber, he finds it’s a fellow copper in the police force.

Now Nagel is an ex-cop and he wallows in lots of self pity and beers. He’s got a bad knee and a bad conscience.  He’s lost the spirit to live. His metal knee is playing up, and it feels like a machine gun down there.

A detective visits him, saying that some one stole the neighbours menorah. Nigel isn’t concerned, just some Jews living in the wrong neighborood. Then something amazing happens….

Steve brings the story to life with the spirit of  reconciliation and hope.  He doesn’t use lights, cameras or any special effects,  and his story isn’t labored either. In many ways its a perfect short story in that it entertains through out the Christmas tale and reaches its climax .There’s more to Christmas than who gets the biggest and most expensive gift.

Least we not forget, that good and kind acts should be every day of the year. That’s the spirit he has captured so well. Steve’s a former copper and his book follows the recently published  Around the Camp Fire by D.A Grady and Ronnie Shaw – his colleagues –  another fascinating book on cop life.


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