Imagine a world with no smokers who have are happily puffing away on e-cigarettes and blowing big blue and aromatic smoke rings. It’s a beautiful world where we puff out fragrant oils and save our lives at the same time.

But the kill joys won’t have that. They were happier when we were smokers and coughing out our lungs.  It gave them the moral high ground. Now they have to find another  victim to bully.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. E-cigarettes have just been legalized in the UK with studies saying they it helps smokers quit and are less harmful than cigarettes. While in Australia, with the price of cigarettes going  up to $40 a packet   by the new year, e-cigarettes are still illegal. They have their taxes to protect, and that’s understandable, for them at least.

Ya Ya, a young and buxom Malay lady,  shows me her products that are in a cabinet. “That one is cheapest,” say says. “Only 300.” She points at her deluxe model. “That’s from the USA, it’s 4 k.”  Holy smoke, that’s  the price of a Mac Air. She treats me  to samples. She knows I’m new to this  fragrant world and she’s easing me in gently and answering all my questions. “Smoke gently,” she says, as I cough my lungs out after a deep inhalation.

Ya Ya isn’t sure if it’s illegal to sale e-cigarettes in Malaysia. But she’s the only retailer I’ve found in Johor and none of the Malls sell them. “I have my supplier so I sell it,” she says. It’s her livelihood and she’s providing a wonderful service. Two permanent residents of Malaysia walk into her shop for a refill. They walk outside very happy customers, leaving a fragrant vaperised cloud of blueberry   behind them.

The guy next door has his suppliers, and sells copy DVDS too. And the guy in front of his shop sells Viagra. The Red Light district seems to conform to it’s own rules. In the five days I’ve been here, I’ve only seen one policeman, and he was racing through the area on a motorbike. He couldn’t get out of the area fast enough.

Now I have my little SMOKJOY and I’m really over the moon. The Chinese might not be able to spell English words but their Kanger Tech e-cigarettes are  an exciting vehicle to smoke e-juice. Even the terminology is sexy.

I haven’t quit smoking yet but after the first evening on my little sleek and nifty SMOKJOY, the ash trash is looking lonely without the usual overcrowding  butts.




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