California writer, Fay E Simmons, sent me over a manuscript. I read the first  ten chapters of Maiden of Desolation. They were riveting, about the mother of evil who seduces and then devours her male victims. An Indian Jones character tracks her down, after she killed his professor. It had twists and turns, gratuitous violence galore, and I can’t wait for the next installment.

One late night on Twitter I discussed the virtues of the book. I sad Lilith should be seen more as a vampire than as a monster with tentacles once she reveals her ‘real’ self.  She didn’t get what I was saying. She said there was nothing of the sort in her book  Behind the Mirrors.

We discussed in length the motives of the main character and the other supporting characters once I untangled the cross wires. She’s been co-writing it with horror graphic artist Greg Palko from Palko Designs.

Her new book Shadow Bending has an equally enigmatic cover that conjures up the essence of the book. Greg is the culprit for this cover.  He also designed the cover of Ronnie Shaw’s  The Dead and the Dying. Fay and Greg recently appeared on the  Ronnie Shaw Show  where they talked about their  collaboration on Maiden of Desolation and their own projects.

Behind the Mirrors reads like a Hollywood B grade  horror movie but without the gratuitous sex.  The characters have  that California Dreaming  feel about them, right down to their Valley accent and their bold Scooby Doo sense of macabre adventure. It must be a Hollywood thingy in technicolor. Now I’m a big fan of B grade movies, and read Christopher Zisi’s column every week.

She writes on the magic and the mystical, her imagery is atmospheric, and her dialogue is real and her  story telling driven by romance. What would you do if your favorite novel suddenly became a reality?  All will be revealed, when  Emma, the main character,  finds herself  between dimensions, “a place much darker and more surreal than she  could ever imagine.”

Without spoiling the plot — did I hear you say I’ve not finished the book yet? –  I’d suggest you get yourself a copy and read it and find out what is really behind the mirror. Here’s a little promotional video for a clue.




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