Two handlers holding flame throwers pump diesel through the hose before they light up. I’m smoking and take a  few steps back moments before powerful jets of  flames spew out  in clouds of fury.  I take another step back, trying to avoid the licking flames.

The temperatures are  extreme.   Ten minutes later, the skull explodes. The two  operators are both working over the body, making sure it’s evenly burnt. Sweat is dripping off them. They occasionally stop to light up a cigarette.

Then a barbecue legs lift up at 90 degrees angle after the hamstrings burns. Close family members brave the fire, as they walk around the  cremated body to pay respect. Some offer water and rice at the base of the dead man’s legs. The wind changes, and a flame darts towards them. The body smoldered for another hour before  before the bones were collected.

The cremation left a pungent smell  of charred  pork as the villagers lined up for   pork on a spit that was served in  the temple compound.

Tomorrow the bones would be taken to the Mother Temple for a ceremony before the remains are buried. But the ceremony isn’t over today.The bones will be taken to the beach by the family, where they will wash the bones  in the ocean and ask the blessings from the Water Goddess.

The ceremony continued at the family’s house. Miss Big Tits helped me shake off the gloom. All the men were muttering susu gede  as I showed them my latest pictures of Miss Big Tits.  Sana says I shouldn’t speak gutter Balinese at a funeral. I said why, most of the villagers were. But Sana’s wife was around, so he was on his best behavior.
Sana is looking on  at Miss Big Tits, almost wistfully, as I take more video and photos of her. She’s a gracious model.  It’s so obvious that I’m being a sleazebag, but the Balinese seem amused by it. If I’m embarrassing Sana, then all the  better. He’s pissed off that his wife is monitoring him. Alone, he’d be all over and doing motor boats on her big tits.


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