Help me.  I’m stranded in Bali.  How do I get off this island?

“Australian airlines are refusing to take passengers in or out of Bali despite the airport reopening,” reported one news agency today.

But Air Asia won’t let a few dust particles in the sky  stop her flying. She’s sending back stranded Australians for a handsome price. Bali’s airport is  only open for the hard core airlines, like the domestic movers, Lion Air and Wings.  The Javanese won’t let a few dust particles get in the way of their one week holiday on fantasy island.

Virgin and Jetstar are waiting in the wings, there’s still time for a quick  windfall. They are still praying for another belch from mother nature.

Being stuck means dealing with higher prices. My friend had her flight cancelled to Bali two days ago.  She is trying to rebook her hotel which she paid up. She’s not holding her breath about getting a refund. And when she gets around to rebooking her flight, the air flight will have tripled.

The Australian airlines won’t fly until demand reaches its limit and they can get their high fares. The air is clean and not a cloud in the sky, but the Airlines are still playing it safe. Another few more days, the stranded passengers will pay anything to get home to their jobs and loved ones.

Airlines love volcanos. Even in the slow season, a belching volcano can blast  the prices of flights into the stratosphere . Volcanos are good for business. The hotels and the  the Airlines  are the winners.

Volcano’s are the midwife to extortionist prices, unfortunately. If you don’t believe me, just watch the rising prices of flights to and from Australia in the next few days. This is a repeat of four month’s ago. It’s text book perfect on how to befuddle tourists and make a killing. 

Headlines from Australia are  still screaming out inconveniences. “Stranded Brisbanite says ‘anger growing’ in Bali over cancelled flights, ash cloud linger.”

The picture with the headline is of a tanned Western woman standing on top of a volcano.  She doesn’t look too angry. It’s Mt Batar in Bali, not the volcano in Lombok. She is well and truly fucked.

The volcano has given us all the ideal excuse for another week in paradise.   No point in moaning.

If the Australian airlines say it’s too risky to fly, then  it’s too risky to fly. I’m stranded in paradise. I think I might have to order another pina colada.


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