A really cool review of Garuda’s Travel, and it’s yours for free download today or tonight— Sat 17 Oct, think its based on US time:

If you’re a traveler, as opposed to a tourist, and you’re going to Southeast Asia, this is the book you have to read before you do anything else. I’ve lived in Asia for twenty-five years and I’ve read most of the books westerners have written about Southeast Asia. Take it from me, nearly every one of them is crap. This book isn’t. 

It’s the real deal, and it’s good writing, too. Why are you still reading this? Just buy the damn book…

A big shout out to Palko Designs  for the great art work that captures the madness and insanity of Garuda’s Travel, which Jake Needham, the American crime writer on Asia,  described: “I swear to you Hunter S. Thompson is actually alive and well and living in Indonesia where he is writing under the name Vanya Vetto. There’s no other way to explain the existence of this book.”

Please take advantage of the free download and spread the word, wide and far… HST is still floating around….in spirit at least. 


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