Have microphone and editing software and a good Skype connection, Cleo will air the most enchanting interviews.

At times she gets frustrated. At other times she might even throw in the towel. “It needs a wash.” But at all times she’ll talk and talk and record and record. She’s been a busy bee lately. She’s in demand, pod casters are screaming and carrying on, and demanding her attention. Cleo must be the first guest who has used the “Fuck” word, more than a few times, on the Ronnie Shaw Show. Giggle. Take her or leave her. Cleo does things her way. It’s the way I prefer. We all love an outspoken girl who can hold her own in a man’s world. Called the people whisperer, Cleo enchants the pants off the guys. Don’t ever underestimate her intelligence. She aint no dumb blonde! She’s caught a few people out.

The last time I spoke to Cleo on Skype was after a very traumatic experience. I was holed up in a hotel room in Butterworth, Malaysia, rewinding my experience. I’d hear bangs next door or footsteps. They are after me. She made me laugh in my moments of darkness. And that’s Cleo’s magic. She’s from Holland by the way. This isn’t a review. It’s a big thanks to a wonderful woman. They do exist, and they are out there. And Cleo is definitely one of them.

I’m not a pod caster. But if I was, I’m told that Cleo would open up her schedule, immediately. Having this kind of access is total respect. But I’ve been warned. “No clogs or tulip jokes!”

Cleo’s Corner might be modest, but it really  is a mind fuck. From egg suckers, to motor mouths, Cleo’s podcasts are  head on assault of the senses. If it’s not trending, Cleo is podcasting. She has a knack of discovering people she likes. She’s not caught up in the hype of fame or celebrity. Did you read her blog about counting buds in LA?

A big thanks to Bedlamfury, a  Malaysian activist and friend,  for introducing me to her. Life would be very boring without Cleo. I’m signing off with her tagline: *Smile*.



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