I’ve never been to Florida, but from the outset, I feel I’m there. Robbie Cox has put a lot of thought not only in character development but his surrounds. This might be an erotic novel but the writer makes sure it’s not just grunts and groans. Faith, who works for a construction company, is finding her libido in and outside her relationship. She’s flirting with her boss. Her boss is flirting with him. You’d expect more sleaze, well it’s coming, but Robbie likes to go real slow. The chase is just as important as the conquest. It’s a really good read. This guy is a serious writer. He really knows what makes women tick too. Losing Faith is a moist read, on so many levels. He does give a parental warning about his book. But  if you like a good story mixed with some adult themes, then Losing Faith might just float your boat.

On a personal level, I’m really liking Faith. She’s not one dimensional. She’s likeable and she’s about to break free. She’ll hold back for nobody.  Monogamy certainty isn’t for Faith. ” Sex isn’t always just about sex.” Complex at many levels, Losing Faith is a  rampage of alternative living. Think Hugh Hefner, Days of Our Lives, oh, and Robbie Cox!


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