Sophie doesn’t want to regret living her life. As the author notes, ” Sophie is one hot chick! Intriguing stimulating narrative of a frustrated nurse, falling in love with a kinky plastic surgeon.” However  feeding her sexual libations comes with a trade off. She’s calculated it, and hopes not to get caught. Some tradeoff, she thinks, as she jumps into the warm deep sensual waters of her dreams.

Throwing  caution to the wind Sophie follows her instinctual whims. The kinky plastic surgeon, who at first played hard to get, now says that he owns Sophie. But she’s madly in love with him. As to who is using who, is a mute point. And by feeding her sexual cravings, she might just save a very boring marriage. You get a good feel for her husband. Sophie explains all his quirks. He’s a sprinter –  an ” in and out’ once kind of man. But he’s not enough for the Sophie who looks elsewhere for men with stamina.

Libby Fox writes very well. She doesn’t totally leave out her hubby, who she goes to Venice with another boring couple for a vacation. Her descriptions of the romantic city contrasts with her bland sexual life with her partner. No naughty swinging on this vacation.

Back in London, she has to fend off another man who the surgeon introduced to her on their first night. Yes it was a threesome kind of meeting.  Ben, who is black, really loves Sophie.  But Sophie doesn’t like being stalked. In the end, though, she relents and agrees to sexual union with Ben,behind the surgeon’s back. When she tells the surgeon about her lustful union, he’s pleased. As smug as he is, he’s really spiced up the nurse’s life.

The book ends on a planned trip to Paris. She’s gong to spend two romantic weeks with the surgeon. She’s excited and has the perfect excuse, which will be revealed in book two, where there’s bound to be more carry ons.

Black for Last is a page turner. Libby is a sophisticated writer, and doesn’t hold back at all, in or out of the bed, and in the elevator for that matter.

And lastly, what does the author really have  to say about Black for Last?

“Now I have to mention my Hot/Sizzling book BLACK FOR LAST which has been described as “way, way better than 50 Shades.” by some.  More books will follow in this “Sizzlin’ Hot” series.”

Libby was a guest on the Ronnie Shaw Show, and even gives a reading of Black for Lust. You can listen here.

So what are you waiting for, download a copy today on Amazon.


4 thoughts on “Black for Last

  1. Vanya, Thanks ever so much for the splendid blog you dedicated to my book and I. I am honoured and overwhelmed . But mostly I want to congratulate you on your very interest, unusual and enticing writing about your vast travels. Very impressive indeed.

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