Imagine following in the footsteps of a 19th Century French woman explorer, and having your own take on the situation. Chief Editor has done the hard yards, riding on  rattling buses, boated down the Mekong and trained it across Thailand to follow the trail of Marthe Bassenne. Her observations of the present and the past are uncanny as she seeks to find herself in the writings of an unknown French writer. Read and be enthralled on South East Asia, Chief Editor is an honest and compassionate writer who knows how to tell a rich story with sparse words. It’s an almost clinical travel book… but read between the lines, a mud caked traveler lapping up the culture and cuisine of the Land of the Buddhas. Finding Marthe Bassenne in Laos & Siam is a sincere but serious look at contemporary Asia.

It can be downloaded on Amazon for free. 


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