Blue, writes author Jake Needham, is  “ delicious meander through an America we’ve almost forgotten, a book to make you smile again. “

First read Yellow to really appreciate Blue. The same cast but different location. The only senior on this trip worth noting is Baby Whale. His older brother and thugs aren’t on this ride. So there’s less scamming and more sight-seeing. Two of the boys who are playing horn dog, are given a stern warning. One pervert, with the help of the gang and a few high jinxes, is sent back to Atlanta on the Grey Hound bus.  But that doesn’t stop Ronnie from playing discrete Casanova with a guide. This is a mature Ronnie Shaw who is given more responsibilities. He’s the map reader. He’s also the voice of the gang. He soon discovers a foul mouth boy from the Capitol, and he’s welcomed with open arms to the back seat where there’s lots of shoulder punches and goof balling.

There’s lots of sight-seeing. It’s a whirlwind trip to Canada and back. Ronnie’s memory of events, almost five  decades after they happened is truly amazing. The book is a tribute to the good folks of Atlanta, and to TJ, a mentor, who showed Ronnie his true potential. Carl opens up in this book. Some things don’t change. But when Ronnie ends this trip, he walks ten feet high. The world is his oyster. TJ wasn’t half wrong about this boy. Ronnie really had to earn these trips with perfect attendance at school. Now he’s  paid back his fair in full. Yellow and Blue was the outcome.

In the writer’s own words. “ I thoroughly loved writing that book. So much fun, tons of great memories. The best of times.”


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