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Hon came into the living room and told us, “Please don’t go outside.” A few people weren’t listening. Then he repeated himself. “Please do not go out tonight. Under no condition, leave this building.” What’s up Hon. Something serious was going down. He said an undercover policeman came into his shop and asked him if he saw a man with a red face who was a Kiwi (New Zealander). He said a gunman was on the lose. Hon said the undercover policeman had a vest on underneath  his jacket and showed a torch. “He pulled out the torch, and said he was an undercover policeman.” Then Hon closed the shop.  Hon said the man was breathing heavy and had been running after the gun man all around the inner city area.

I went outside the hostel and checked what was going on outside despite being asked not too. A police car was parked outside Hon’s shop. A few police cars drove by. Then a man walked up the police man. He spoke to them for about five minutes. I lit up a cigarette and waited. It’s always best to wait. I knew going up to the police would get me zero information.

Then the guy walked past me. Hay, what’s going on, I asked him? He had a pair of head plugs in his ears, and was wearing track suit pants and a couple of tops. He looked very disturbed. “It’s all going off. A house was raided. He’s on a roof.” He pointed towards the buildings in the city. “I can’t go on, it was horrible. Gun fire from a roof.” He said the gunman tried to hunt him down, and he pointed across the road.

Then the police yelled out to him. “Don’t tell him what you told us.” The witness replied. “Ok, don’t worry, he’s my friend. He stays here.” Then the witness asked me if I was alone here. I said I was. I told him to go home and rest. He was obviously in shock.

Hon came out. “I heard the gate slam. Was that you? Yes, I said. “Be careful,” he said. “There’s a yellow container outside the shop, and it might have petrol in it. The gunman could shoot it and blow up the shop.” Hon said the gunman had robbed three shops last night. He said he tried to burn down one with gasoline. He said the smoldering fire of the Deli down the road was put out before it burnt the shop down. I checked out the  empty container, and it did smell of petrol.

I showed a picture of the police and the witness to Hon that I had taken on the sly. “Yes, that’s him. He was the undercover policeman who came into my shop.” The police have been patrolling the street with spot lights. Apparently there was an arrest and many cop cars outside a bar down the road about an hour before Hon told us not to leave the building. The story is unfolding. There’s nothing on social media but my tweets The police are keeping this story under wraps.

Lets see what transpires.

I’m still not convinced the man I spoke to was an undercover cop. But Hon is convinced. I hope I’m wrong.

There was a big drug bust today and a weapon cache was found. This might be connected with what went down tonight. Who knows?


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