You really want to believe in miracles. If Ronnie could travel back through time he would have fixed things up. Evil was lurking in the shadows on a ship bound from London to New York. Mary’s  untimely death is stuff of martyrdom. There’s no rhyme or reason for some deaths. Ronnie has seen his fair share of them on the police force. He’s an observer and has no say in how Mary’s story pans out. He can only offer condolence and a glimpse of what transpires.

Mary is a ghost, and roaming the corridors of Ronnie Shaw’s home. That has been established in book one and two. In book three, there’s hope as Mary meets the love of her life and sails off to America to start her new life. Charles Dickens, the other tenant of the house where she’s been under house arrest since a wicked witch of sorts adopted her, proposes by proxy for Paul, her fiancé, who is now in New York. He hands the ring to Mary who says  “I do!” before boarding the ship.

Mary is a recluse. She doesn’t socialize much. It could be her down fall. She carries her possessions on her late night swims. Ronnie is really stretching plausibility here. Why didn’t she leave her possessions in the cabin? Don’t let rationalism get in the way of a good story. A man, working in the bowels of the ship, shoveling coal, will surface one late night and discover Mary’s nocturnal swims. He’ll spot her possessions. It’s a tragic story what transpires.

Mary was a good hearted and kind lady who was served up a raw deal. She didn’t deserve to die this way. If you have read Transmutation:  Life of a Twisted Cop: you’ll find plenty of unfair deaths. Ronnie has been wrestling with demons, and has purged them with this trilogy. It’s not about the blame game. There can’t be any guilt for something that is totally out of your control. Some things pan out the way they shouldn’t. It’s how we grow from these experiences – self flagellation or exposing the injustices of the world, or a bit of both. Through the trilogy, Ronnie Shaw   has explored his inner psyche where the big questions always crop up. Fate can be cruel. Once a cop, always a cop. Ronnie has his sights on the murderer, and there’s going to be some pay back soon in the follow up, Paul’s Story.

Revenge will be the order of the day. Justice will prevail.


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