Both Ronnie and his daughter couldn’t sleep. One late night, they collaborated on Transmutation. Amber asked the questions and Ronnie answered them. The outcome was Life of a Twisted Cop. The question and answer format of the book makes for exquisite reading. The content is action packed story telling. Occasionally Miss Donna makes an appearance. Things are going on at Ronnie’s house and the outcome of a late night marathon talking is one of the most candid cop books on the market.

The structure works very well. Ronnie knows how to spin a yarn. Ronnie tells his daughter about his first day out on the beat. As things would transpire, someone was out to kill him. Race riots nearly ensured and everyone wanted to see Ronnie’s head on a pike.

He’s fair and slices through the fat to expose raw nerves, bones and blood and arteries. It’s a dangerous job and every day someone is out to kill Ronnie. A few of his colleagues were gunned down while on duty.

Ronnie is a twisted cop. There’s a twist though. It’s not the LA Confidential twistedness. He looks in the mirror every day. There’s an image staring at him. No, he isn’t just a name and rank. He’s real and his stories are visceral. He’s out to help people.

Every day he plans to make the world a better place, and in moments of death and despair, Ronnie takes the reader soaring higher towards his destination – hope. Hope for a safer and better neighborhood.

Ronnie tells it as it is. He is a master story teller. Transmutation is a celebration of life as a working stiff. “There was never one day the same as a police officer,” writes Ronnie Shaw. He survived the mean streets of Atlanta and repacked it in Transmutation. It’s a cautionary tale. It’s Ronnie’s story and he’s singing it from the roof tops. He might be dodging a few sniper bullets, but never fear; the reader is safe with Captain Ronnie Shaw on the Atlanta beat.

The style is racy, the imagery is rich and the dialogue is real.

Ronnie was on the police beat for 25 years. He has survived to tell this story. If you want confirmation that police are human too, then read Transmutation: Life of a Twisted Cop.


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