There was Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn then The Yellow Bus Boys. Don’t be put off by the title, it really is a fun book, and written in the tradition of Mark Twain.

“Rampaging across Florida in a yellow bus, 33 boys do what boys do well,” pranking, gas bagging, goof balling, hoodwinking, teasing, tormenting, bullying, seeking revenge, mobilizing attacks — while being outstanding boys that is expected of them by their minder, TJ.

Diesel is the loveable fart pants. One chapter is dedicated to the Ring of Fire. Flatulence could be another creative chapter title. Billy, an introverted kid, becomes the brains of the trip and acts as spy against the three elder boys who are supervisors. Ronnie Shaw wears in his new nickname, Baby Whale.

Ronnie Shaw’s love for fast food and his reviews of the first fish burger that came off the Mc Donald’s range in 64 is first rate. Ronnie has a photographic memory for conversations and tourist attractions. He’s a sensitive boy and still a junior. The sequel to this book, The Yellow Bus Boys Go Blue Canada Bound, shows Ronnie as a high schooler. Maybe testosterone, and not candy rush, will fuel this  road trip  that will be out soon.

“Ronnie Shaw, a 6th-grader from the inner-city projects of Atlanta, climbed aboard the big, yellow bus with thirty-three other boys for the vacation of a lifetime..” Ten days later, he walked off the bus a changed boy. He was now a man.


2 thoughts on “The Yellow Bus Boys

  1. Vanya, you’re way too kind, but I’ll surely take it with pride and supreme gratitude. Your reviews are always awesome. This one is another amazing compliment that is very much appreciated. I’m doubly blown away because it comes from such a fine writer/author like you.

  2. Vanya Vetto, you continue to amaze me with your kind words about my books. I’m equally humbled and honored by your support. Thank you for reading my works and especially for thinking enough of them to gift me with your stellar reviews.

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