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Ronnie Shaw has a gift. Some might say it’s writing. Other’s who have listened to his podcasts will agree it’s his contagious humor. His laughter is infectious. He’s got a come back for everything. He’s listening but he’s not. He’s computing where the conversation should be going. Despite his happy go lucky southern hospitality, words are weighed up and never wasted.

His agenda is to get the best out of everyone. Self deprecation is his tool. By his own admission, he isn’t a writer. Who’s he trying to kid? He says writing is more than just telling a story. “That’s precisely what my writing is…monkeys are flying off like mad here, too.”

He has written over nine books since his first one, which he wrote in 37 hours. That was October in 2013. That was Ground Hog Day for Ronnie. He said he woke up after having multiple near death experiences, and after the initial afterglow, he got down to writing it. Painful as it was, his wife Donna kept him fed and the coffee brewing while he set a blistering Jack Kerouac pace. It wasn’t On The Road, but more Off the Rails. Spirituality turned upside down. He jumped down the rabbit hole and came back with some interesting things to say. “One by one, each of us floated in line towards Jim. The entire lining of the hole came alive; awash in Willie Wonka type colors with scenes and sounds.”

“Beam me up Scotty”- there’s also intergalactic travel, an nano second travels that traverse a life time – and REM could well be playing in the back ground, Losing my Religion.

Reading Seven Fish Tree is like watching Pulp Fiction on LSD. He’s descriptions are mash up of old movies, cartoons, and homely references. He’s a pop culture vampire and everything is fair game. Willy Wonker, Krispy Donuts, nope, you don’t escape Ronnie’s clasp. Everything is a cliché for Ronnie, and he’ll commandeer them if it can add another layer to his writing. His writing is Technicolor and his expressionism is in high contrast. He’s pretty good at photoshopping words too.

It’s a mishmash of mysticism. The Celestial Prophecy  it isn’t. It’s so much more. Ronnie goes a lot deeper. He has fun. He’s poking fun at the modern day conventions. His message is simple and clear. He’s a nature worshiper at heart. He’s pleading to the readers to hold onto what’s precious before we lose it to greed.

Ronnie gave the book to his post man. He came back after half finishing the book, asking what was going to happen next. Ronnie replied, “ Hah, everyone asks that…NO, I won’t tell you. Keep reading and be amazed…disturbed…. VEXED!” The book is based on the Seven principles of Huna, says Ronnie.

The cross over between Seven Fish Tree and The Yellow Bus Boys and Transmutation is apparent. Ronnie call’s it his trilogy. He said in Transmutation he didn’t want to write a copper book, “But it was begging to be written.”

He’s got the third in  The Cramped Quarters coming out in a week. “ For the next one, MARY’S JOURNEY CONTINUES think of the marriage of Margaret Mitchell & Charles Dickens as writing style,” he informs on twitter, as @RonGizmo where he’s found most nights plugging his friends and goofing around sending links of his favorite pictures and music.

He’s got a follow up to the Yellow Red Bus that’s just waiting to be edited. “THE YELLOW BUS BOYS GO BLUE CANADA BOUND is based in 1967…we’re randy high schoolers pillaging from Atlanta to Montreal & back.” As apposed to the Yellow Bus Boys? “It’s a whirlwind 10-day romp as we abuse places like, VA. DC, MD Naval Academy, NJ, NYC, NY, Niagara Falls, Parliament, Montreal.”

Ronnie is writing up a storm. Soon Red will be released. “ WARNING,” starts the book, “ Dangerous Curves, Turns, and Twists Dead Ahead!”

A guest on the Ronnie Shaw show suggested he try his hand at erotica. Ronnie wrote out of his comfort zone and realized he found his comfort zone. Everyone should have a Right of Passage, and I’m hoping Ronnie will silk screen t-shirts with the new cover of Red. She’s everyone’s wet dream: “Ever so slowly, she began to strip before me teasing and cooing as she tantalized me with her few garments that eventually were discarded to the floor. Yes, she was indeed a true red head.”

In the recesses of darkness, crimson roses do bloom. Ronnie has fed the rose with colorful words and light and the characters are real and plausible. Just think of The Grateful Dead for one of the characters, who still has a hangover from the sixties.

By his own admission, Ronnie Shaw says he’s simply “a tired, aging Whale swimmin’ against an ever-increasing current. Hope u truly like my books.”

Ronnie’s a big fan of Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz and has an eclectic taste of music. Follow him on twitter for a fresh dish up of Ronnie Shaw media. And if you want to know more about the author and why he writes, listen to a  podcast by Talk2Cleo. All will become clear. It’s two hours long. It’s whacky, zany, and full of gas bagging and goof balling. “He’s a motor mouth,” said the presenter of the show. Yes, Ronnie has found his match. It’s a hoot. And they are both great mental sparring partners. Laughter is therapy as they say.

Ronnie’s on a mission and having hellava lot of fun along the way.

His books are a portal into a very different but familiar world. All of his books are centered and rooted in his hood.

Ronnie’s a writing demon riding the high seas in his Whale Mobile. Ronnie won’t shut up. He’s got a lot to say. It’s all about helping others. He’s seen his fair share of horrors as an Atlanta policeman. Redemption can’t be too far away. He’s trying to shake off those monkeys too. And he’s succeeding.

A cliché, Loony Tunes comes to mind, that’s all folks


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