Mary’s Journey Begins and Mary’s Trunk, first and third book of the series of The Cramped Quarters, reads like a journal in part, and a novel in others. Ronnie Shaw knows how to spin a yarn. He makes it personal by being part of the story. When Mary, the ghost in the trunk, skips a heart beat, so does Ronnie. Like Jim Carry in Bruce Almighty, Ronnie has a direct line to the thoughts and emotions of his new found ghost he picked up at a flee market.

Ron can ruminate on many subjects and bring them alive. Heck, he can even flesh out a ghost. The second book goes back to the Victorian period in England where Ronnie traces back Mary’s beginnings from an orphanage. It’s classic Dickens who also has a guest appearance in the book.

Ronnie says that Mary will grow on you. ” I warned you that Mary will stick with you. In fact, expect her to visit you soon…no kidding, man. She’ll come to you.”

Ronnie is a light sleeper, and is always checking up on his ghost in the trunk. He has racoons and cats floating around the house too. Over time, Mary will reveal her story to Ronnie in his dreams.

Ronnie has had visions. He wants to share them. Welcome to the paranormal of the Deep South….

The third in the series will be out on June 15th.

Ronnie Shaw is the presenter of the  popular International writer’s show, the Ronnie Shaw Show.


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